Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Acts of Garnish

I participated in the Random Acts of Garnish

How fun to leave fun surprises for my boys and my friends....with an added little note to put a smile on their face! Using a glassine bag and a fun pre-printed card from Garnish I was able to send some extra lovin' to school with my boys!

Extra special treats in the candy jar!

 Who doesn't want a tub of No Bake Cookies left on their desk? Yum-O!

You to can leave a Random Act of Garnish!  Check out and shop at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 Posts in One day!

I've said before we are living in a rental.....I really don't mind.....but it can get tricky when trying to make it feel like home, here is a simple window cover idea.  I actually am a "no curtain" kind of gal but when the winter winds began to blow I was in need of something to block it out!  So....out came my stash of painters drop cloth!

Easy-Peasy window cover!  if they don't fall off!! I had to add some glue to several of the velcro tabs to keep them stuck to the blind, but so far so good...and they have been up for several months!  You really need to attach the blind to the top, bottom and middle of the cheap blind underneath it, so that it gathers in the middle!

Spring Is Knocking On Our Door!

I am feeling the need.....for sunshine, blue skies and GREEN! 
Can you see the color of our grass?  That is not what I am wanting...I need some green!
SO....since it is St. Patrick's Day on Thursday....I am doing my best to add a little Luck 'O The Irish!

You'll notice....I've been feeling a little crafty too!  See that green and white used to be brown!  I had two of them, identical, not anymore!  And no, I really don't have a green thumb, that grass is from a set of three that I got at Target several years ago, it has been great in various places in the house!  They are just enough splash of color to bring life to any room! The rabbit too....I wasn't feel the love so I grabbed the bottle of Hodge Podge, some dictionary pages and went to town!  Most of what you see in this cabinet I have had either for a long time or it is from resale!  The bird cage, that may not be black for long...when I put it back out I thought for summer it may need to be lightened up?  We'll see! 

I am working on the mantel too...just ignore the cords!  I need to come up with a creative way to cover those!  I am thinking cord burlap!  It is still kind of sparse if you've seen my mantels from the past but never fear....Soon I will be able to add branches to be forced...then we know Spring is knocking on our door!