Tuesday, February 8, 2011

As we begin our journey......

As we begin our journey, February 8th, 2011....my husband has been selected from a pool of 22 candidates to be the next superintendent in a school district 35 miles from where we currently live.  We've been on this journey, to be honest, for quite some time.  In 2006 shortly after our first son was born Shane was given a gift, a job, in a field he had very little training but much desire!  He became the student services director at a career and technical high school, he spent 9 years there.  While there he was able to obtain his masters in Educational Leadership from a highly accredited university. While we reached the mid way point of our 9th year there he felt his journey needed to continue - after a spring and summer of interview after interview and being the second choice several times he was offered a position in a rural community in Northern Michigan. We knew when we went it would not be the place we would stay - but we never dreamed that our stay would only be one year.  Our journey took us back south - to Shane's home town, the place he was raised and given his values!  The hometown boys was coming back to lead a high school into the future!  In the back of our minds we still knew the ultimate goal was school superintendent, we just needed to take the steps to get to that post.  After 3.5 years here - Shane's dream has become a reality....with long hours, hard work, dedication and commitment he has fulfilled a dream.  And while the job doesn't officially begin until July 1st, 2011 our journey continues....as we prepare to move our family, to start another chapter!

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  1. Yay for Shane, you, and your boys! Life is good! Congratulations. Can't wait to read all about your most amazing adventures!!! Patricia xoxo